Friday, November 28, 2008

My Thanksgiving

Had an interesting day yesterday. I was over at some friends home yesterday and had one of them ask me "Isn't this the worst economy ever?" Yes, she is a Democrat. A lovely woman, with an incredible life.

My answer... No, not even close.

I explained why...

We sat around a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king. There was more food packed on the table than was possible to eat.

The house was warm and filled with heat. Outside in the garage sat two motorcycles and a second refrigerator filled with food.

In the driveway and down the street were cars of every make and model, none of them more than 10 years old. We actually had more vehicles than we had people sitting inside the house that could drive them.

We all came into the house with a pair of shoes on, a warm jacket on, gloves and mittens, laden down with even more food we could not possible eat.

When we all left, we all had roofs over our heads, clothes for our bodies, warm beds to sleep in, and TVs, radios, computers and whatever else to keep ourselves entertained.

So, no, this is not the worst economy ever. Most Americans, about 99.9999% of them had a warm place to gather on Thanksgiving. Even for those without as much as a the rest of us have shelters to sleep in and food provided to them.

Even though my party has had their butts handed to them in the last two elections, I could not find one single thing to complain about yesterday. We will survive a Obama presidency with a lunatic lefty Congress leading the way

I live in the greatest country in the world, filled with opportunity. I am a lucky woman.

I did find it rather entertaining that even though I sat in a room filled with mostly Democrats, they were the ones complaining and complaining as they scarfed down a second helping of pumpkin pie.

They also live in the greatest country in the world filled with opportunity AND they have been handed the exact government they have demanded and yet... they could not stop complaining.

Go figure, huh?

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