Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is a government option opt-out co-op?

A government option opt-out co-op is the latest version proposed by Senator Harry Reid. It is not really ObamaCare, folks are calling it, HarryCare.

What is a government option opt-out co-op?

Don't know?

Well, apparently no one really knows. Harry Reid has not really explained it either.

Fox News-

HANNITY: All right. Look, Senator, no body would accuse you of not being informed about the workings of Washington and all that goes on in the Senate. So — you're laughing. So you can't tell our audience what a government option opt-out coop is. You can't explain it to me.

MCCAIN: I cannot explain it to you because Republicans have been completely shut out of any conversation or negotiation. And you know that during the campaign — I wish our viewers could see it over and over again.

The president is saying when we take up health care reform, C-SPAN will be in the room, Republicans will be there, and the American people will be able to see who's on the side of the pharmaceutical companies and who's on the side of the American citizens.

Behind closed doors they cut deals with the pharmaceutical companies, with the hospital people. They tried to cut one with the American Medical Association to the tune of $247 billion. That didn't work. And so it's business as usual. There is no change.

Perhaps one of the Dems that reads this page can explain what a government option opt-out co-op actually is...

I am all ears.

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