Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stealing people's identity

It appears that Jennifer Jackson, a county board supervisor, has had her identity stolen. She states:
This site. It is pretending to be an Obama support site for non-whites. It is not . It is a hate site. They stold my picture off the Kenosha county wesite and planted something on their site I would never say. As another public official,if I were you I would not give this site a thumbs up.
Stealing a persons idenity and using it to disparage our President and make me look like a racist is criminal.
I have reported the site to the Sheriff and the FBI. I hope you will take a closer look at it and remove it from your list of "likables' or I will have to deminish my estimation of your political intentions from, not my cup of tea, todown right wacko.

Obviously the site is not on my list of "likeables". Why would I support a site that supports Obama and writes all kinds of hateful things? Never has been, not sure where that is coming from, but seems to be a simple misunderstanding.
I was repulsed by this website, which is why I posted it. The folks actually posting on this site are people filled with hate. These folks on this site obviously hate and they say they support Obama .

I do not blame Ms. Jackson for being upset. She has ever right to be

Careful now, all anyone needs is your email address and they can sign on as you and make whatever horrifying comments they feel like making by using your name.

There are tens of thousands of people that do this for no apparent reason other than to have fun. Tell me how this is fun for some people? Destroying someone else's reputation?

I was recently signed up by someone else for a website that bashes Mark Neumann. I have never bashed Mark Neumann and am repulsed that anyone would do this especially using my name and email.

This website is repulsive and meant to cause damage.

What was done here is not fair Jennifer Jackson and her family. Everything I hear about Jennifer Jackson is good. We may not share the same political stance on most things, but we both love this city and this county and love the people that live here.

I have no doubt that the perpetrators of this identity theft will be found out. Websites can be tracked and IP address can be found. The police will get to the bottom of this.

Every single website can be tracked. There is even tracking on my website that I have set up for the purpose of tracking these kinds of idiots. I know many of you do not actually use your name, but that info can be easily found. So these guys will be caught. Hopefully the police can charge the idiots whole have stolen Jackson's identity and do something about it.

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