Saturday, October 17, 2009

Face it America, we were punked

No one likes to admit that they have been had, but sometimes it is the best thing to do so everyone can move on.

There are so many questions now about this whole incident, how can anyone NOT believe that it was a hoax?

Little Falcon seems to be the key to this entire hoax.

We have been told numerous times that little Falcon was scared and was in hiding for hours because he was the one that untethered the balloon. Clearly, from this video Dad untethered the balloon, complete with his own countdown.

Now that story has changed, little Falcon was scared because Dad yelled at him???

Falcon's comment about doing this for "a show" does not really helps the case.

But probably the most important point to note is that the family called the media before calling authorities.

That is the one that no one can seem to explain.

I was shocked when I heard the Sheriff say that his people were "savvy" enough to be able to tell if this was a hoax on day one and closed the investigation. Under normal situations, that is probably true, but this was a highly emotionally charged situation. Based on the Dad's reaction in the video taken at the moment the balloon was released, this is clearly an emotionally charged family. I am certain that during the time the balloon was in flight, authorities were privy to the video. Dad's reaction was one of anger, not panic.

What would have been the harm in letting things settle down first before closing anything?

Taxpayers have the right to demand this family pay back the charges they incurred, if this thing turnes out to be a hoax or even if it was serious negligence by the family. The family jumped to a bad conclusion quickly, with little evidence that the child just was not hiding.

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