Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Obama press conference with AMA, faked photo op

Remember that serious press conference yesterday with the AMA doctors?

All of those white coats surrounding their dear leader, in support of his lovely health care reform stunt...

Apparently some of those doctors forgot to where their white jackets for the President's photo, so the President's team faked it and passed out white jackets to many of them:

For all we know, these folks could have been members of the White House staff.

In fact, it may have just been cheaper to bring in White House staff to fake it for the President instead of flying in doctors from around the US.

New York Post

But some docs apparently forgot, failing to meet the White House dress code by showing up in business suits or dresses.

So the White House rustled up white coats for them and handed them to the suited physicians who had taken seats in the sun-splashed lawn area.

All this to provide a visual counter to complaints from other doctors that pending legislation is bad news for the medical profession.

"Nobody has more credibility with the American people on this issue than you do," Obama told his guests.

The president was flanked by four white-coated doctors at a podium as he delivered his pep talk.

"When you cut through all the noise and all the distractions that are out there, I think what's most telling is that some of the people who are most supportive of reform are the very medical professionals who know the health-care system best," the president said.

"I want to thank every single doctor who is here," Obama said. "And I especially want to thank you for agreeing to fan out across the country and make the case about why this reform effort is so desperately needed."

Underlying the strictly photo-op nature of the event, The Associated Press noted that Obama broke no new ground in his remarks.

Truly a "doctored" photo op.


This video is kind of funny. Apparently this fellow was one of the guys invited to go to the Obama event. He did not actually go, because he was not a supporter. If he had chosen to go after being invited, he could have had some real fun at the President's expense. Apparently, the White House is not vetting the people they are inviting to the White House either.

Wow, that would have been really funny. All of the white coats standing around with chanting "No ObamaCare". There could have been a TEA party right there in the Rose Garden.

Hat tip Patterico

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