Monday, October 26, 2009

I was planning on taunting Bears fans, but...

It seems the Chicago media is trashing the Bears players worse than I ever could.

I remember a few weeks back, when the Packers lost to the Bengals the taunting Packers fans got from Bears fans. How could the Packers lose to the lowly Bengals?

At least the Packers played a respectable game! I said then that they are better than people were giving them credit for. Packers did not play well but at least they have some pride!


Holy cow!

As I said, I planned on taunting a few Bear fans today, but the media is just destroying the Bears. Even I cannot come up with good enough insults to top Chicago's media today:

If it weren't for postgame handshakes, the Bears defensive linemen never would've gotten close to Carson Palmer.
On the Bengals' second drive, Benson broke a Lance Briggs tackle for 18 yards. Next play, Benson ran out of a Nick Roach tackle for seven yards. The Bears were so lame at tackling that I saw Briggs try to trip a rookie runner from Abilene Christian with his right leg as Briggs was spinning on his butt. That's some textbook tackling by a team that would rather strip the ball than tackle the ballcarrier.
They approached tackling as if it carried a communicable disease. They gave Ochocinco so much cushion, he'll have a sofa endorsement deal by the end of business hours Monday.
You have to admit, that sofa thing is pretty funny.

Ah well, enjoy it today Packer fans, Bret comes back next week and we gotta win!

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