Thursday, October 08, 2009

Being a Republican is not a crime

I know some people believe this to be true...

Being a Republican is not a crime, no more than being a Democrat is a crime.

I have had several discussion this past week with different people. I know that I am personally attacked because I am a Republican. Some people's idea of political discourse is to get Kathy Carpenter, because she is a Republican, nothing more.

That is life. I am more than willing to defend my beliefs that every American deserves their individual freedoms without government taking those freedoms. In fact, I am happy to discuss politics with anyone.

That being said, I have no intention of attacking Democrats, just because they are Democrats. Never have. I am friends with plenty of Democrats, including people I work on the city council and some of the Kenosha County employees.

I do not dislike anyone on the city council. I know some are Democrats, but that is no reason to dislike them or to vote against all of their proposals. You don't run for a job on the Kenosha City Council without caring about the people of Kenosha and the future of Kenosha. We all do. Sure we disagree on the methods of getting where Kenosha needs to go, but that is life.

Since I am the chair of the Kenosha GOP, I often hear rumors or from people that want to run for one elected office or another. The first question I ask is "why are you running?" If their answer includes a missive about their prospective opponent being a Democrat, I get upset. Running against a person just because they are a Democrat is not good enough in my book. Come to me with a plan, an idea of what it is that you are interested in doing if you win that office.

I was asked the question about County Executive Jim Kreuser. Do the Republicans have someone to run against Jim Kreuser? Not really. Plenty of Republicans like Jim Kreuser and think he is doing a pretty good job. I like Jim Kreuser. Sure, he has made some decisions that I would not have made, but he is still a good man doing the best job he can.

I am not going to out and active seek someone to run against Jim Kreuser just because he is a known Democrat. That is just not good enough in my book.

A few months ago, I supported Chad Kerkman for Judge and he is also a known Democrat. I caught quite of bit of heat for that. Why would the chairwoman of the Kenosha GOP support a known Democrat? I think I have already explained that.

I am also aware that there are plenty of Democrats that believe the same way I do. Sure, there are hyper partisans on both sides, but hopefully they do not rule their respective parties.

Congressman Paul Ryan has regularly preached the idea that "Democrats are not the enemy, they are our opponents". He is right. Now if he can just convince some of those Democrats that faithfully vote for him that the "Republicans are not the enemy", that would be really cool too.

Don't get me wrong, I disagree with a majority of President Obama's policies and I will continue to speak out. My heavens folks, why would anyone want to give the government control over their health care? Government is not the answer and I have no intention of lying down quietly and letting it happen.

Governor Doyle's budget? I do not believe that any budget in the history of this great state has been as awful as the one Doyle produced this year. He raised taxes and fees on everything in site, spent taxpayer dollars to his heart's content and placed the future of this state in dire jeopardy. I was just a repulsed by the Democrats following along behind their leader and not standing up for the people that elected them. Why would anyone, Democrat or not, go along with a budget that hurts the people in their districts? Why? Why? Why?

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