Wednesday, October 07, 2009

We have idiots leading us

I cannot tell if the media are just idiots, the leaders in the House and Senate are idiots or if these idiots are hoping that rest of America are idiots.

Currently the media and the Democrats are rejoicing because the Baucus bill will not raise deficit.


You cut Medicare by $500 billion and you raise taxes and fees against middle income Americans by $400 billion, of course it is budget neutral!


If you ration care on senior citizens and raise the taxes and fees on regular middle income earners, of course you can pay for insurance for low income earners.

The $829 billion price tag would be more than offset by reducing spending on Medicare and other federal health programs by about $400 billion over the next decade, and by imposing a series of fees on insurance companies, drugmakers, medical device manufacturers and other sectors of the health industry that stand to gain millions of new customers under the legislation.

The problem is the rationing of care for seniors, who need that care more than anyone else. The next problem is that middle Americans will have their taxes raised.

You have got to love the idiots in Congress that have given us these two choices here:

The Senate plan raises taxes and fees on every single American with health care insurance already and cuts the care our seniors get, but does not raise the deficit.

The House plan raises taxes and fees on every single American and forces them onto a government plan, also cuts care to our seniors and raise the deficit.

There is not such thing as free. This is so simple folks.

In order to insure the uninsured in this country, you either raise taxes and fees on regular Americans in order to pay for the uninsured, or you borrow the money, which we pay later, in order to pay for the uninsured.

Either way...WE PAY!

Yes, Americans want health care reform, so that insurance is cheaper for US and OUR FAMILIES. Making Americans pay for someone else's insurance does not make insurance cheaper for us!


Yet, there are still plenty of ignorant Americans that call this health care reform. Me paying for someone else's health care is not health care reform.


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