Thursday, October 01, 2009

Could someone please explain what is happening in Afghanistan?

I am not looking for an exit strategy or troop withdrawals, nor do I think more troops need to be denied or handed over. I am also not interested in cutting and running.

Just looking for a simple explanation of what the mission is in Afghanistan. Are we there to bring stability to the region? Are we there to keep the Taliban from moving back in? Are we there to educate? Are we there to build infrastructure? Are we there to prop up the government? Are we there to kill Al queda? Are we there because of Iran? Are we there because of Pakistan? Are we there to get Bin Laden?

Give me any kind of explanation. I am pretty willing to except even a simple explanation..."we are there until the government is able to rise up".

Shortly after taking over as President, Obama ordered tens of thousands of troops into Afghanistan for a specific reason. What is there mission?

I have stayed out of this battle, and not insulted the President over his lack of interest. But how long should any American have to tolerate this? The President has sent our soldiers off to fight and die without leading or even explaining the mission.

Can you imagine if at anytime during the Bush Presidency, it was discovered that President Bush had not personally spoken with the folks leading the President's mission for months...the media heads would have been popping off.

In fact, personally, I and many conservatives across this nation, might have been out there with Cindy Sheehan demanding Bush be impeached.

I have never seen this type of "leadership" before. Sitting back and hoping someone else will handle the problem is not the type of leadership anyone in America believes in.

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