Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another Republican Event, Another packed house

I have got to tell you, these events are more and more fun each time. Had another great turnout at the 1st Distict GOP Fall Fest.

There is an energy that I have just not seen in years with the GOP. Fired up and ready to rock. 2010 cannot come fast enough!

As Democrats sit around waiting for their President to lead, the GOP is marching full steam ahead. It is not any single movement or leader that is pushing forward...there are tons of leaders.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele is pulling in the new supporters. From the young to the elderly, no matter their skin color.

Congressman Paul Ryan is leading the new charge for fiscal responsibility at the federal level of government. He is exposing the health care bill and the cap and trade bills as financially irresponsible and the boondoggles they really are.

Jay Weber and Vicki McKenna are exposing the faux media and their love affair with President Obama. The fourth estate has become Obama's own liberal pansies doing his bidding with zero evidence on what is best for the country. The media just kind of takes the President's word for it.

Sarah Palin is charging ahead keeping the country focused on the President's failures. Such as, health care reform; heads are still spinning from her "death panels" reference. Yes, there are still idiots out there attempting to say that rationing will not take place, but smarter Americans know better.

Senior citizens, from both sides of the political aisle are leading their own charge to stop the liberals from damaging their health care.

Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck are forcing Americans to take a look at the people the President has surrounded himself with. The President has hired extremists and they are secretly making decisions that the American public cannot undo.

Every direction you turn conservatives are fired up and fighting to protect the America we all love.

We are not Europe. We do not want Europe's socialist agenda. We do not want their taxes or heaven forbid, their awful health care plan.

Here is the write-ups on the event yesterday:

Kenosha News

Racine Journal Times

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Kenosha News number of over 500 people was closer to right. The 300 people announced by the Journal Times and the JS is just typical liberal numbers rounding.

Walworth County GOP has tons of pictures on their Facebook page.

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