Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WH high ethical standards is the reason for free passes to WH

When a story ran yesterday about the hundreds of big time Obama donors were getting the royal treatment from the WH, the response from the WH was just laughable.

"As part of an effort to open up events at the White House to thousands of Americans, we have at times provided tickets to events to the DNC, among many other organizations. Our understanding is that those tickets have in turn been distributed to grass-roots supporters, contributors and elected officials. Contributing does not guarantee a ticket to the White House, nor does it prohibit the contributor from visiting.

"This Administration has across the board set the toughest ethics standards in history. As a result, we have reduced special-interest influence over the policymaking process to promote merit-based decision-making. We believe that is due in no small part to our insistence on strict adherence to the rules - an approach we intend to continue."

The truth is that this White House has taken the taxpayers wallet and spent freely.

Big parties at the White House every week. Trips all around the country for any number of reasons including taking his wife out to dinner in New York. Golf constantly, lobbyist perks, democrat paybacks, private movie screenings and on and on.

Yes, every President has done it, but this President promised these practices would end.

Clearly they have not ended. Your tax dollars will be used to entertain Obama's friends.

You have got to love this DNC letter.

The National Advisory Board gathers exclusively on several occasions to be recognized by senior Party leadership and to contribute to shaping policy agendas. In addition, members will be invited to attend virtually all events sponsored by the DNC -- weekend retreats, private dinners and receptions, conferences and policy discussions.
The DNC even tells you how much it will cost you to buy your way into the Obama White House.

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