Wednesday, October 07, 2009

City Budget

Not exactly sure who I should contact this early in the morning. In today's Kenosha News, next year's city budget proposal was announced by the Mayor. It was actually announced at Monday's City Council meeting, but everyone was watching the Packer game instead.

Since it was announced in this morning's paper, I already received a phone call at 7:00am this morning by a gentleman alarmed at the 3.5% tax levy increase. I have not yet walked out my front door and picked up the paper yet, but I assume that the announcement is on the front page.

The gentleman was not happy that his state taxes have gone up, his county taxes may be going up by 3% and his city taxes may go up by 3.5%. Oh yeah, school levy is going up by at least 2% also.

All I could really tell the gentleman is that we are working on it.

BTW, if you see the governor or any of those state legislators that voted for that God awful state budget bill a few months ago, tell them "thanks" for screwing the local governments and taxpayers!

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