Monday, August 17, 2009

Wisconsin's Milk Carton Politicians

Apparently a lot of states and their federal elected officials have gone missing this August.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has affectionately begun calling them "Milk Carton Politicians".

Perhaps placing their names and faces on some milk cartons will help in locating some of Wisconsin's politicians. There are a few people that would like to have a chat with their elected officials. We can do this, folks...after all we are the dairy state, we have lots of milk cartons.

Help us locate these missing politicians!

Senator Herb Kohl-No townhalls scheduled

Senator Russ Feingold- rumor is, the good senator is hiding out in Northern Wisconsin. Problem is a vast majority of the state lives in south east Wisconsin. Perhaps a visit to south east Wisconsin is also in order.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin- Congresswoman Baldwin is phoning it in. The media is making excuses for the Congresswoman not willing to look her own constituents in the eye because of unsubstantiated claims by some in Congress about death threats.

Rep. David Obey- nothing scheduled

Hiding out in Northern Wisconsin, refusing to meet constituents face to face and flat out refusing to meet with the people that you serve is not acceptable on any level of government.

Elected officials always seem to forget that their job is to SERVE THE PEOPLE.

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