Saturday, August 15, 2009

Not a shocker, Doyle not seeking reelection

The blogosphere is all a buzz. Of course, anyone paying attention is well aware of the fact that our current governor is in big trouble with the state's electorate. With each passing day, Doyle is hit again with something else that is not working in the state.

Really it comes as no surprise that Governor Doyle will not seek re-election.

The only people not aware that Doyle would not be running again and the folks that really do not pay attention to politics very closely. I was told months ago by the Democrats that Doyle would not be running. He certainly would not have passed the budget he did, if he was.

How does this change things?

Not much. Except that every single candidate is well over $1 million behind Scott Walker in fund raising.

Pretty much every candidate is still running against or for Doyle's policies. The big names being tossed around.

Rep Ron Kind- he will have to give up his seat and seniority in the House. This will make his seat an easy target in 2010. He was considered a blue dog democrat and voted against the health care bill in committee but was still supported the president and was championing a public option.

Lt. Governor Barb Lawton- you thought Governor Doyle was liberal? You haven't met our Lt. Governor then. The Lt. Governor's primary focus has been economic development in the state of Wisconsin. Things are going well, huh? She is also called Wisconsin's "green leader". This should be fun.

Sen. Jon Erpanbach- Health Wisconsin was his brainchild. Even our liberal governor rejected the state taking over ever Wisconsinites health care plan. Enough said.

Mayor Tom Barrett- He is the mayor of Milwaukee, right? Things are going great there, right? Enough said.

Governor Doyle may have waited a little too long to get out of the race, especially since he has sucked up a bunch of money that cannot be transferred to a different candidate.

The prospects of a Republican governor in 2011 just got stronger because there is no incumbent running.

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