Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama's approval at 45%

The Zogby poll is not out yet, but they have hinted that Obama is in trouble with an approval rating at 45%.

The charge by liberals has been that just because Rasmussen shows the President below 50%, the polls were not accurate because Rasmussen was a right wing poll.

Okay, fine then.

The leftist pollster is Zogby.

Now Zogby shows the President at 45%.

What now, lefties?

Don't give me the garbage that every other President in recent history polls numbers have plunged this far in the first 8 months of their presidency, because that is a bald faced lie.

The President was elected by 53% of Americans, these polls are now showing that it is not just the right wing that does not support Obama, but people who voted for Obama are not supporting him now.

So what excuses are you going to use now, lefties?

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