Thursday, August 27, 2009

The smartest administration ever...

So, according to those in the "know", this is the smartest administration in American history.

Remember, Obama had chosen the smartest, best and brightest to lead this country at a record pace, now we find out this week that over half his team is still not in place.

Oh and those calculations for unemployment not going over 8% if we slammed the stimulus package through were way off. Bush's economy was worse than they thought or so Obama says.

How about those $7.1 trillion deficit predictions coming out of the White House, in spite of every other economic guru was predicting way higher? Oopsie, the White House projects a $9 trillion deficit now. Hey, Obama's brilliant White House was only off by 28%. It is only money we don't have.

Once again, Bush's economy was far worse than they realized, in spite of spending more money than other President or Congress in American history.

Drunken sailors and Paris Hilton's girlfriends got nothing on this President. Our President Obama, can spend money faster than they can.

You got to love the accusation that the 'completely out of power, don't have enough votes to change anything' Republicans, are killing his signature legislation in health care. It is a vast right wing conspiracy, you see.

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I cannot wait until Obama's brilliance kicks in. This game of "it is all Bush's fault" has gotten real old.

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