Thursday, August 27, 2009

Confirmed: Nancy Pelosi lied

I guess stranger things have happened. With the newly released documents from the CIA files about interrogations, it appears that the Attorney General has snagged one of his own again.

Nancy Pelosi was indeed briefed about the CIA's interrogation techniques and she did not raise an objection.


Congress also knew about it. The IG report belies House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's claims that she wasn't told about all this. "In the fall of 2002, the Agency briefed the leadership of the Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committees on the use of both standard techniques and EITs. . . . Representatives . . . continued to brief the leadership of the Intelligence Oversight Committees on the use of EITs and detentions in February and March 2003. The [CIA] General Counsel says that none of the participants expressed any concern about the techniques or the Program . . ." Ditto in September 2003.

So I guess we can once again assume that since the CIA interrogators are being threated with criminal proceedings by our Attorney General, that the AG will do the honest thing and go after the House and Senate leadership that knew about this and did nothing to stop the so-called illegal acts.

Hopefully, Nancy Pelosi is not water boarded by our AG into finally telling the truth. Imagine that scandal!

Perhaps the AG will finally figure out that if he goes after the CIA that he will snag some of the highest leadership seats in the Democrat Party on his witch hunt.

This happened just a few months ago, when the AG attempted to go after CIA interrogators, President Bush and VP Cheney. Being the gentleman he is(sarc), President Obama put a stop to it. After all, Obama had to save his buddy Nancy Pelosi from her own lies. Looks like he may have to step in again and save her.

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