Sunday, August 09, 2009

More propoganda from the left on Health Care reform

I received a email from a personal friend, a democrat, on health care reform. I consider this man to be a friend whom I like, respect and admire.

He sent me this report that states:

Madison, WI, August 5 — Health care reform might cost $1 trillion, but it can ultimately save the nation $3 trillion, with billions of dollars of benefits for every state in the union, including $54.5 billion in Wisconsin, a new report released today by the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group notes.

Produced by a liberal outfit that calls themselves non-partisan. Typical liberal stuff. I followed the links to read the report and it was pretty much the same drivel as before. The report makes a bunch of statements, but is not supported by any facts at all.

It is easy for anyone just to make a bunch of statements without any numbers to back it up.

As much as I like my democrat friend, these types of "reports" are difficult to back up and should be thought of as merely propaganda. Interesting to read, but full of nonsense just the same.

The CBO has clearly told us, even with the tax increases and the so called Obama "savings", the actual legislation will increase our federal deficit. Period. End of story.

Obama has promised us that this will not happen. However, whenever anyone attempts to challenge the current legislation, we are being told to sit down and shut up.

Trying to differentiate between Obama's rhetoric and the reality of the legislation brings on an onslaught of insults, degradation and hissy fits. It has gotten so bad that some of our legislators are hiding during this August recess.

If you are so confident in your legislation, Democrats, why are you now hiding from town hall meetings?

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