Friday, August 07, 2009

Gwen Moore on Healthcare

You have got to love Gwen Moore's reasoning (or lack thereof) for paying for health care.

Basically she tells us that since we, as taxpayers, already pay for the health care costs of all public employees, we should just go ahead and pay all the health care costs of everyone else without insurance in America too.

No, I am not kidding. Gwen Moore actually believes this. Shouldn't regular Americans have the opportunity to pay for everybody who doesn't feel like paying for their own insurance????

See her article:
Consider for a moment all of the teachers, policemen, firemen, soldiers, veterans and municipal employees making a government paycheck. Think of all the people working in city halls, statehouses and federal buildings in Washington. These people are all government employees, and just as their salaries are paid with taxpayer funds, their health care premiums are also paid out of the public purse.

In this way, the public sector already provides good health care to workers and their families – as well as all our seniors and the disabled every year through Medicare. And this public sector insurance (like Medicare and military health care) and hundreds of state and local government agreements with private insurers accounted for 46 percent of America's total health spending in 2007.

If citizens are already footing half the bill for the good health care provided by the public sector to public employees and seniors, shouldn't they have this kind of opportunity as well if they choose? And if instead they want to keep private insurance, at the very least they should be given greater power to weigh in on their own coverage - on both the cost they pay and the quality of care that they receive.

Geez, Congresswoman Moore, I would prefer not to have to pay for every single illegal immigrant, welfare recipient, or low life who does not feel like working health care costs.

Thanks for offering me the opportunity to pay for everybody else's health care costs, but I really cannot afford it. It is really thoughtful of you to offer up my tax dollars to pay for anyone you seem fit to cover under this plan, but really NO THANKS.

Of course, Congressman Moore continues on making the same old arguments about rationed care. After all, care is already being rationed, so we might as well let the government ration us some more.

Quick question on this rationing stuff...Do you plan on covering children who are not perfect in your eyes and probably should have been aborted anyway??? For example, down syndrome children???? We already know how the liberals feel about special needs children. Just ask your leader, President Obama, about the Special Olympics children. Better yet, ask Sarah Palin. Hit piece after hit piece was written about Sarah Palin using her special needs child as a weapon.

How about our grandmas and grandpas???? How do you plan on rationing grandma and grandpa's health care???? Throwing millions upon millions of Americans on our grandparent's health care plan(Medicare) does not seem like a good idea to me. Our grandparents and parents have paid their fair share into this plan for their entire working lives, now you are going to place people on their plan who have not paid in their fair share????

Yep, quite a plan you and your president have there Congresswoman.

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