Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is the media finally catching on?

I love it.

Some in the media are actually admitting that Obama was attempting to slam through health care reform to cut off the debate with the American people.

USA Today:

The reason the White House had pushed for congressional action before the August recess began was precisely to avoid this scenario: critics filling the summer lull with protests and ads that could raise concerns and rally opposition to Obama's top legislative priority.

Of course, the media was playing along with Obama that health care was a crisis that needed fixing before the August recess.

What was plain as the nose on all of our faces was the mere fact that Obama did not want what is happening now to happen. The President did not want any dissent on his health care plan.

After promising the most ethical and transparent government ever, Obama is not different than the rest. He is trying to take over America's health care system with the opposing view not getting a chance to speak.

The crime of "health care reform" is being foisted on the American people and the President and his cohorts do not want debate.

So far, the debate has now driven the President to tell the American people, most importantly...senior citizens, to basically sit down and shut up if you do not agree with him. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has taken to calling those that disagree Nazi supporters and UnAmerican.

I know the President did everything in his power to stifle debate. He failed at this mission.

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