Thursday, August 20, 2009

ACORN worker spilling the beans

H/T Michelle Malkin

Well, it is about time. Finally some ACORN workers are exposing the massive voter fraud that took place on behalf of Obama's presidential campaign. Now some of those workers are starting to spill the beans:

In his plea agreement, however, Edwards said that from Aug. 1 to Oct. 31, 2008, he unlawfully conspired with ACORN and Busefink to create a local bonus incentive program, known as “Blackjack,” giving ACORN canvassers an additional $5 for turning in 21 or more registration cards per shift. ACORN allegedly required its workers to submit at least 20 voter registration forms a day to keep their jobs.

It is illegal in Nevada to attach incentives to gathering registration forms because it encourages canvassers to submit fraudulent forms.

When the indictments were announced in May, Cortez Masto said that by structuring the compensation around a quota system, “ACORN facilitated voter registration fraud in the state.”

On another not so happy note, the taxpayers, spend millions of dollars each year paying ACORN. ACORN even got stimulus money. President Obama is paying these guys with out tax dollars so they can defraud and steal elections. Fun, huh?

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