Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spare me the outrage

Good grief. Everyone on Capitol Hill is "outraged".

Problem is, they all knew about the bonuses. The White House even gave permission to AIG to pay out the bonuses.

Timothy Geithner- Mr. TARPman originally lead the charge last year. Tell me he did not know about these bonuses! This is the same man that just a few weeks ago worked feverishly to sell another $30 billion for AIG on the Hill. Mr. TARPman now says that he knew nothing about these bonuses until last week. Rumor has it that he actually gave permission to AIG for the bonuses. One congressman even said that he sent a letter to Geithner a few weeks ago, because he knew those bonuses were coming.

Congress- They knew. They knew back in November during testimony on the Hill. They all knew these bonuses were coming and they did nothing about it. There were a couple of Congressmen that actually put a block in the stimulus plan that would have kept this from happening. Democrats removed the legislation from the stimulus package.

Christopher Dodd- Mr. "I am in charge of this country's finances", was the goofball that gave the AIG leaders the authority to pay out the bonuses.


The final version of the amendment includes an “exception for contractually obligated bonuses agreed on before Feb. 11, 2009” — a provision that exempts the AIG bonuses Congress is now trying to recoup.

Dodd, the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, sponsored the amendment, but his office said Tuesday that his original proposal did not include special treatment for AIG.

As far as taxing the bonuses, which Congress is trying to do right now... Well, that too was in the stimulus and promptly removed by the Democrats.

Republican aides also complained that a provision that would have taxed bonuses for firms accepting government rescue funds was stripped from the stimulus by Democrats. The amendment would have forced AIG to pay nearly $58 million in taxes on top executive bonuses.

Democrats did everything in their power to allow these bonuses and now they are just "outraged".

President Obama- the President was too busy lining his campaign coffers to even worry about the bonuses. Of course, the smartest man in the world knew nothing about nothing. I guess the $100,000 plus in campaign contributions helps a man forget about the bonuses that the taxpayers are footing. Open Secrets.

Michelle Malkin has a great piece on this same subject today.

Instead of worrying about the massive debt and these bonuses, the Democrats and the White House felt it necessary to focus on Rush and Steele.

Add up all the hours staffers spent discussing Rush Limbaugh in the last two weeks and compare that to the number of hours spent discussing AIG's bonuses and tell me what the answer is.

MSM: Do the same thing.

This is ridiculous.

Hey, hope and change, huh?

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