Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bailout benefactors donating to Obama's campaigns

Did you know that Barack Obama is still soliciting campaign donations for his Senate campaign?

Did you know that Barack Obama was soliciting those campaign funds even after he was elected President?

Did you know that one of Obama's biggest donors runs Goldman Sachs, a company bailed out by the tax dollars?

The Washington Times seems to be the only folks reporting on this right now:
President Obama continued collecting money for his 2010 Senate re-election campaign even after he resigned his seat from Illinois, including a maximum $2,300 donation the day after Christmas from a top executive of a Wall Street firm that had received a government bailout.

There appears to be nothing illegal about the donation. Aren't you just a little bit curious why his Senate campaign continues to raise money?

Obama's senate campaign is not in debt. In fact, there is plenty of money in that account. They are actually out there soliciting funds. Why are folks being asked to donate to a Senate campaign fund for a person that will never ever run for the senate again.

It is pretty easy to see why the Goldman Sachs guy donated to Obama's senate campaign in December. If you want to circumvent maximum campaign donation laws, then donate to a different campaign committee. For example, legally the Goldman Sachs guy had already donated the maximum allowed under federal law to Obama's presidential campaign, so if he wants to give more money to Obama, then just donate to a different campaign fund. Which is precisely what this guy appears to have done.

So much for getting the big money out of politics, huh?

So the real questions are why is this account still actively soliciting funds? What do they plan on using the money for? How many people are circumventing the campaign finance laws?

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