Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama's first 50 days- How much is he spending?

After the $410 billion omnibus bill passed in the Senate last night, I got to wondering exactly how much Team Obama has managed to spend or plans on spending in Obama's first 50 days as President.

$350 billion TARP funds- this is the balance original $700 billion bank bailout.

$1.2 trillion Stimulus plan- this is the total with interest for Obama's $787 billion stimulus package

$410 billion Omnibus- this is the package Obama will sign in the next few days (yes, he is blaming Bush, but President Bush promised a veto, which is why Obama's name will be on the dotted line at the end of this boondoggle)

$33 billion SCHIP expansion- tax increase on smokers

(still, I feel like I am missing something from the above list, email or comment if you see something I have missed)

Obama's total spending after his first 50 days in office- $2,290,000,000,000 ($2.29 trillion)

That equals out to be:

$45,800,000,000($45.8 billion a day) for every single day Obama has been in office

$1,908,333,333 ($1.908 billion an hour) for every single hour Obama has been in office

$3,180,555 ($3.18 million per minute) for every single minute Obama has been in office

$530,092 for every single second Obama has been in office.

That is right. Obama has spent $530,092 for every second he has been in office.

Democrats you must be so proud.

That has got to be some kind of record. We already know that Obama is spending more taxpayer dollars than any President in the history of this country.

I wonder how many seconds are left before we can toss Obama out of office?

All of this and I have not included President Obama's budget yet.

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