Monday, March 02, 2009

Another day, another AIG bailout

Timothy Geithner continues to blow smoke about having to bail out AIG again.

Another $30 billion has been given to AIG. Everybody keeps wondering why AIG continues to be bailed out.

The truth of the matter. Many government employees retirement accounts and insurance is tied up in AIG. If AIG collapses so will the retirements and insurance programs of these government employees.

So, just like Freddie and Fannie, the government will continue to bail themselves out over and over again to protect their own hides.

Every once in a while, someone in the media actually slips and tells the truth about AIG.

This time, it was the Baltimore Sun barely recognizing the truth:

The Treasury Department noted that AIG, which has operations in more than 130
countries, provides insurance to more than 100,000 companies and institutions,
including municipalities and 401(k) retirement plans.

If the media is not telling you this little tidbit of info, that means they are lying to you.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise...

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