Saturday, March 07, 2009

I am AFP!

I am currently sitting here at the Defending the American dream summit. I will be updating from time to time, but will not be posting all day long.

Mark Block is currently speaking.

Check out the webpage

You can sign up for the Taxpayer Tea Party in Madison on April 15th with AFP and Vicki McKenna

Currently Tim Philips, head of AFP, is speaking on pork barrel spending:

1. $1.7 m for pig odor research in Iowa

2. $2.1 m for grape research in NY

3. $900,000 forSustainable Las Vegas

4. $200,000 for tatoo removal

5. $2 Million for astronomy study in Hawaii

The best way to keep track today, is to keep an eye on the websites:

Real Debate Wisconsin

Badger Blogger

No Runny Eggs

There are more, hang tight...

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