Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Great news! Obama's basketball picks are done!

Whew! I was a little worried there for a moment. God knows that Obama has been so busy keeping and eye on AIG and protecting our tax dollars that there would be no way he would have time to waste on his March Madness picks.

Check this out, he certainly found time to get those important picks in:

H/T Hot Air

Oh by the way, you can catch the President on Jay Leno also.

Seriously? You cannot get a staffer to do this?

I heard someone mention this the other day, I am not sure where, but...

"The house is on fire and Obama is busy watering the lawn."

Could someone get our President's attention and see if he has time to actually start behaving like a President?

Updated: I just love some of the commenters on Hot Air. Very clever and very quick on their feet. Here is one of my favorite:

But remember the “My Pet Goat” controversy manufactured by the Left, where President Bush waited a freakin 5 minutes while his handlers where trying to get information and figuring out where to evacuate the President? 5 MINUTES And that
was supposed to be a sign of his incompetence.

Well, we’ve had 60 straight DAYS of My Pet Goat.

SPCOlympics on March 18, 2009 at 1:47 PM


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