Monday, March 23, 2009

Governor Palin and the Stimulus

I am certain that many Americans know by now that Governor Palin has put over $288 million of stimulus money off to the side so that she and the legislators can have a debate on whether or not the money is worth keeping.

"I can't attest to every fund that's being offered the state in the stimulus package will be used to create jobs and stimulate the economy, so I'm requesting only those things that I know will," Palin said at a news conference at the Capitol. "Public discussion will have to ensue on all those other dollars that some will say 'you left on the table.

In a typical unthinking reaction, the ADN, being blinded by their own liberal agenda and liberal support of President Barack, is willing to sell Alaska’s children down the drain.

In yesterday’s editorial called “Our View”, the ADN flies into their typical liberal hysterics because Governor Palin dared to reject some of the stimulus. The editors at the ADN are furious that the governor will not just grab the money for Alaska. Consequences be damned! Just “Grab the Money” is their way of thinking.

I find it quite interesting that the same media liberals, like the editors at the ADN, and Democrats who are railing against “greedy” corporations are exemplifying the same greedy behavior that they accuse the corporations of having.

With absolutely no thought of the future or the consequences, they are demanding the stimulus money now. Grab the money! Grab the money! GRAB THE MONEY NOW!

The editors at the ADN readily admit that the money is only temporary and that the money comes with strings attached.

The ADN editorialists make not one single argument or explanation as to why Governor Palin should just take the money. They offer nothing at all.

So why are the liberals so intent on just grabbing the money? Why would anyone advocate for stimulus funds that do nothing to stimulate?

Stunningly, the liberal ADN editors and the Democrats they support, appear to be so self centered, so greedy and so immoral that they are willing to steal money from Alaska’s children and grandchildren in order to temporarily feel better.

Yes, times are tough right now. Yes, Americans are going to struggle for the next few years. That is still not a good enough reason to sell our children’s future or their freedom. Shouldn't we, the adults, be the ones to make the sacrifices?

If the ADN editorialists want to advocate taking the money, that is fine. Perhaps the responsible and adult thing to do would be to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why they are stealing money and freedom from their children and grandchildren. I do not think that is too much to ask.

The ADN needs to make their argument to the people. Governor Palin has made her argument and so far, a few handfuls of liberals with their hands out are the only ones protesting. These folks do not represent all of Alaska and the media knows it.

PS. As far as the ADN’s argument about Palin being willing to take infrastructure money even though more funds will be needed in the future to maintain the infrastructure, that argument is pretty easy. We need people to actually build and maintain the infrastructure. People with jobs pay taxes. Tada! The continued maintenance is paid.

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