Thursday, August 30, 2007

You are pathetic, Governor Doyle

You know- these scare tactics by the governor are getting ridiculous.

This is about as blatant as a person can get. The Governor is trying to scare those living on Medicare.

Because of continued uncertainty over the budget, Department of Administration Secretary Michael Morgan said he instructed the Department of Health and Family Services to develop a plan for cutting spending in Medicaid by 20%. The state-federal health care program covers the poor, elderly and disabled, helping one in seven Wisconsin residents.

I understand the governor wants a budget, however, the governor is frightening old people in order to get what he wants from the state legislature. That is pathetic.

When the leader in the State Senate, also a Democrat, is calling you out on this tactic, it has to be bad.

Rep. Kitty Rhoades (R-Hudson), a member of the committee of legislative leaders trying to reach a budget compromise, said the Democratic governor was frightening the public to try to get the budget he wants.

"Shame on them for scaring seniors and the needy," Rhoades said. "Why put this fear out there on something so unnecessary?"

Rhoades said the lack of a new budget was not an immediate problem for Medicaid because state spending will continue at past levels. Even without a budget, the state wouldn't hit a cash flow problem until 2009, she said.

If the Wisconsin government is living on the same budget that they were living on less than two months ago- why is the world would you have to make 20% in financial cuts to Medicare?

This is only a pathetic tactic by the Governor to scare the elderly into believing that they will have their Medicare cut.

Is there no level too low that our Governor will not stoop, in order to get what he wants?

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