Sunday, August 19, 2007

Send a boat

Is anyone else having issues with flooding?

Here is a scene outside my apartment. And no, there should not be a pond here- at least there was not one yesterday morning.

Of course all of this is taking place right in the middle of the Kenosha County Fair. Wednesday's races at the fair were rained out. Things have been pretty slow since then.

Yesterday, normally the biggest day for the Kenosha Fair, was a complete bust.

Thanks to all of the volunteers that have been working the Republican Party booth at the fair. Especially thru all of this.
Things got so bad last night that they closed the fair early. The last time I spoke with the Republican volunteers, Rob and Marie, they were hightailing it thru mountains of mud to try and find their car in the washed out parking lot. They made it home safe.

However, as I head back out to the fair today, I am very concerned about Dutch. Dutch is the lovable elephant that travels around the 1st district.
Dutch is picture below. If you see him swimming past you- grab him! He is very friendly and does not bite.

Well- off to the fair.

Today is the last day for the fair in Kenosha- please join us.

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