Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tax loopholes are not the answer

The Milwaukee Journal’s editorial board is praising the fact that there are some tax loopholes that government can use to their advantage to charge taxpayers even more money.

Normally when we talk about tax loopholes, the loophole is working to the advantage the taxpayer. Not this time. This time, the tax loophole is working to the advantage of government.

A loophole that allows school districts to raise extra tax money if they have to replace a service that had been provided by another government agency makes sense.

If a school district feels that a particular service was unfairly cut by any government agency, the school district can feel free to charge the taxpayers for this service. Who cares about the tax caps, huh?

Actually, despite the editorial board’s claim that this makes sense, it really does not. They are applauding a loophole that allows government to stick it to the taxpayers.

No matter which direction you spin this; the taxpayers are still charged more in taxes.

Government spending has now become a shell game. The game just keeps shifting and moving. All these government agencies are doing is shifting the burden around, until eventually, the burden falls on the taxpayer.

We have tax caps for a reason. The reason for the caps are too control government spending.

Government officials are writing themselves fancy little loopholes that will allow them to jack up taxes without the approval of local voters.

Once again, the problem is government spending, not the ingenious ways the government can come up with in order to charge taxpayers more in taxes.

Government is mismanaging money, even on the local levels. In the last month alone, it was discovered that Kenosha residents had their taxes raised by 6.5%. Racine’s went even higher to 8.1%. We are numbers 1 and 2 in the state because of these tax increases.

Just last week, our mayor decided that he will use our tax dollars to donate $5 million to the local Boy’s and Girl’s club. The Boy’s and Girl’s Club is certainly a worthy cause, however, can the taxpayer’s afford this?

I am all for donating to our local clubs, but this should be done privately by individual donors. Using tax dollars is not the way to handle this.

Even as local governments are looking for tax loopholes so they can continue to raise taxes higher and higher, millions and millions of tax dollars are being mishandled.

Tax loopholes are not the way to fix our government’s problems.
State legislators need to close these loopholes. What is the point of having caps, if government is creating these loopholes to avoid the caps.


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