Saturday, August 25, 2007

Case against another Haditha Marine to be dropped.

I read a very interesting blog a few moments ago and I just had to make point it out. It is about Murtha, Warner and the horrible circumstances surrounding Haditha and the marines.

From Freedom Eden-

Like Murtha, Warner seems to relish all the attention he's getting now; just as he did when he jumped on the rush to judgment bandwagon over the "Haditha massacre."

As it turns out, that rush is becoming more embarrassing for Murtha and Warner and other vocal critics of the Marines involved in the incident.

The case against yet another Marine accused of murdering civilians in cold blood in Haditha has fallen apart.

That is right folks. Another case against one of the Marines involved in Haditha has been dropped.

I could not agree more with Freedom Eden's sentiment here-

It bothers me that both print and electronic media were obsessed with Haditha and besmirching Marines as cold-blooded killers.

It bothers me that the media consider Murtha and Warner beyond reproach when it comes to their statements on military conduct and operations.

It especially bothers me when information about dropped charges in the Haditha case is not front page, top story news.

The Marines deserve better than that. The men accused of being cold-blooded killers deserve so much better.

It bothers me too.

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