Saturday, August 04, 2007

Okay- tonight's victory even beat last night's victory

I have cheered myself hoarse.

Last night's victory was awesome. However, there was something magical about tonight.

Brewer's were down 5-1 going into the bottom of the 6th and it looked over. We seriously considered leaving. One more inning, we said. The Brewers grinded out three runs and we thought we were back in it.

Nothing much happened during the 7th. The new pitcher did great.

By the eighth inning, we decided to stay, just because we knew the Brewers big boppers would have a chance at bat.

Of course- Turnbow made things a bit exciting in the 8th. He did pretty well until the goofup by Hardy and Graffanino. Seriously folks- that play was Bad News Bears stuff, by running into each other and missing the ball.

That is the kind of stuff that gets into Turnbow's head. It did. But Hardy, Graffanino and Fielder turned awesome double play and got us out of the inning. I did not know that Fielder could stretch his body that way.

Bottom of the eighth is when the real exciting stuff started happening again. Hart was up first and struck out.(I think) Then Hardy busted his tail and got an infield hit. Braun was up and swinging for the fences. He hit a harmless foul out.( although, he did hit a homer in the first inning.)

Two outs and Fielder was up. In no time flat- Fielder had two strikes on him. The way he was swinging for the fences, he would hit a home run or strike out. He then fouled off a few pitches. Boy when he hit it, we all knew it was gone immediately.

I have never heard such a roar in Miller Park before. Wow! The place just exploded. Even Ned Yost commented on the noise. The roof was closed, the fireworks were exploding and crowd would not stop cheering. Fielder came back out of the dugout for a standing ovation.

Then top of the ninth. We thought it was over with one out and some guy hit a shot to right field. If Corey Hart were not as tall as he was- the game would have been tied. The crowd exploded again. Michael Jordan would have been proud of the air Corey Hart reached.

Honestly folks, this was probably the best game I have ever witnessed live and in person. You see these kinds of games sitting on your couch, but there is something about the incredible energy tonight.

You know, this team is young. They are going to lose games they should win. However, they are going to win games they should lose.

Any Cubs fan or Brewers fan who believe that the Brewers best ball is behind them this season, may be seriously mistaken.

People think this team is a fluke and that the Cubs are just a better ball club. That may be true, but the best teams find a little magic when things are going badly.

Rock on Brewers!

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