Sunday, August 12, 2007

What a fun, crazy weekend

I know that I volunteer to do too much, but some of this stuff is so much fun.

I had a friend that was out of town so I got to hang out with her kids until she got home last night. As always they were good.

In the meantime, I had a lot of fun doing various activities.

I started my Saturday by volunteering with a friend at the state fair GOP booth. One of the benefits of volunteering at the GOP booth is that it is air conditioned! Yeah! Three cheers for the state GOP for picking that location!!!! It does not matter what the weather is like outside, you are nice and comfy on the inside.

Only a couple of "hit and runs" by a few liberals. We call them "hit and runs" because it is not like these people want to have a open and honest discussion on politics. Instead they are only there to insult you and run away. A guy flew past the booth and called my friend a "communist" and then the guy immediately ran away. Another elderly woman walked past and told my friend that she should turn around the pictures of Bush and Cheney, because they were "shameful". The elderly woman then scurried off as fast as she appeared.

As I said, it is not like they want to discuss politics or policies, these folks are just interested is insulting people and then running away. The way I figure it, these are just nasty, mean spirited people who are so miserable with their own lives, they are determined to make others miserable also.

Everyone else we had contact with was a blast. The booth was very busy and kept us hopping all day. A lot of excitement around the new candidates running for President. We keep hearing the opposite from the media, so I was very surprised. There were a ton of Giuliani and Romney supporters coming by. Of course, Fred Thompson was the big winner yesterday.

A woman did come by and ask me if Mitt Romney was pro life. I simply answered- he says he is. She also asked about Giuliani, I answered no, he is not pro life. Then she told me she was just testing me. She was from the Wisconsin Right to Life booth. I think she is a Romney supporter and did not want the GOP folks telling people he is not a pro-lifer. I guess I passed the test.

That brings me to today.

Today, I volunteered to work at the Holy Rosary festival here in Kenosha. Every week during the summer, one of our Catholic parishes holds a festival.

What fun that was and I am not even Catholic!

I worked at the booth that provided kids with tattoos, face painting and hair spraying. Between providing GOP tattoos at yesterday's fair and today at the festival- I tattooed a ton of kids.(I tattooed a few adults yesterday with the GOP elephant also) The kids get so excited having a picture on their arms, legs, faces, backs, etc... They are so proud.

I completely left the face painting alone. I did not want to ruin some kid's face.

The hairspray- that was the most fun. I spray painted every single color under the sun. We had kids with red, white and blue hair. The purple and green were also a big hit. We sent several kids away with polka-dotted hair. They say this stuff just washes out with shampoo. However, my fingernails are a pretty rainbow color right. I am having issues getting the green out.

I guess the moral of this is that volunteers are so important. Yes, volunteering takes time out of our busy schedules, but it is so much fun.

Yes- it was blazing hot today, hanging out in the sun all day- but volunteering is a great way to give back to your own community.

Don't get so wrapped up in your own lives that you forget to give back to your friends and neighbors.

Find your niche in the world and volunteer a little time. You feel great and they appreciate the help.

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