Monday, August 06, 2007

Entitlement programs continue to grow

Rarely am I caught as off guard as I was this morning when I read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s article on Medicaid births in the state of Wisconsin.

Did you know that almost half of the births of Wisconsin babies are paid for by tax dollars?

According to MJS, in 2005- 70,954 babies were born in the state of Wisconsin. The taxpayers paid for 31,064, of these births.

What is abundantly clear is that more and more women, who cannot afford to have children, are having children. How ridiculous is that?

The entitlement programs seem to be creating a gigantic tax-eating monster.

The irresponsibility continues to grow year after year. In 2000, the taxpayers paid for 24,587 births(only about 35%).
Seriously, I looked a little bit into what kind of requirements there is to have a birth paid for by Medicaid.

It does not seem to take much.

Even I fit the profile. It appears all a woman needs is to be pregnant. You could just finagle the system and get everything paid for by the taxpayers.

My guess is that all I would need to do is quite my job and the taxpayers would pay for my pregnancy. That is it folks. There does not seem to be much else to it.

This is probably why the statistics are so off on this. Statistically, it does not seem logical for Wisconsin taxpayers to be paying such a high percertage of Wisconsin births.

I believe, in 2005, about 9% of Wisconsin residents actually lived below the federal poverty level. Yet, taxpayers paid for 44% of Wisconsin births in 2005.

Also, Wisconsinites without health insurance is about 8-9%, according to our governor and our state democrats. Common sense tells us that a large majority of Wisconsin births should be covered by insurance.

I find that absolutely staggering.

We have set up these entitlement programs so generously that it appears that we are encouraging perfectly responsible woman into handing over the costs of childbirth over to the taxpayers.

I could quite my job and you folks would be stuck paying for all of my pre-natal care, post natal care, childbirth and childcare for years. By the way- you can also pay my rent, pay for my food stamps, pay for my baby’s formula and diapers, pay for my healthcare and my baby’s healthcare. Why should I worry about a job- you guys can pay for everything.

I would not be that irresponsible, but some folks have no problem with this. After all, they are entitled.

What have we done here folks?

No wonder entitlement programs continue to grow. We are literally encouraging folks to stop working so hard at life and just hand over their responsibilities to the government.

Every year many liberals complain that the Bush administration is creating increasingly poor people in the US.

After seeing today’s article in MJS- what is clear is that entitlement programs are creating poor people.

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