Sunday, August 26, 2007

It is just common sense

Jessica McBride makes a great argument for removing Michael McGee continued power over the people in his district.

If you have not heard already, McGee is busy pulling the strings to stop a block party in his district.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-

Using the power he still wields from jail, Milwaukee Ald. Michael McGee has denied a permit for a block party organized by two key figures in the state and federal cases against him.

Jessica's argument-

Yes, people are innocent until proven guilty. But McGee's job is a special one that should involve high standards: It involves the public trust. Imagine if the Jude cops had kept their law enforcement powers after being charged. After all, they were innocent until proven guilty, so why not?

Removing the Jude cops before they were convicted wasn't controversial at all. It was universally recognized that being a cop is a special and powerful position that involves the public trust, so you couldn't keep someone in that position with such serious allegations around them.

If a county treasurer was in jail for stealing from the county coffers, would they retain their power over the county coffers? Innocent until proven guilty! It's like former DA Joe Paulus continuing to prosecute cases while under indictment for taking bribes in the prosecution of cases. Would ANYONE have supported that? Of course not. I can't believe this is even a matter of debate.

This is similar. Being an alderman is a position of public trust.


It is just common sense. Clearly, McGee has a personal vendetta against these folks in his district.

Why would McGee be allowed to continue to intimidate the people in his district like this?

McGee needs to have all of his authority stripped in district until his cases have been settled in a court of law.

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