Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's all over Governor Thompson

Just do the right thing.

Tommy Thompson desperately needed a strong second in yesterday's Iowa straw poll, in order to continue his bid for the presidency.

He finished a weak 6th.

The Iowa straw poll is a opportunity for lesser known presidential candidates to put themselves on the map. It worked for George W. Bush.

Yesterday's poll succeeded in bringing to the forefront several of the lesser known candidates. Mitt Romney was the big winner. Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback also made a name for themselves yesterday.

Several of the top tier candidates did not participate- Giuliani, McCain and Fred Thompson.

With this vote, Mitt Romney may have launched himself into the top tier of candidates. He continued to poll below McCain. This may have pushed him past McCain.

Romney now joins the top tier of Giuliani and Fred Thompson. I spent yesterday at the state fair working the GOP booth. I spoke to a lot of people. The general consensus is that this will come down to Giuliani, Romney or Fred Thompson.

The big losers from yesterday's poll need to drop out of this race immediately.

Tommy Thompson- the former governor said he would drop out if he did not finish first or second. It appears that Thompson will drop out today. Thompson should have never started this venture, but since he did, he plans on showing some dignity in riding off into the sunset on his Harley. Thanks Tommy.

Tom Tancredo- the congressman is a one issue politician. Illegal immigration. This is a explosive issue that matches Tancredo's explosive personality. We need our next President to have a more equalized personality. The continuous explosive outbursts from Tancredo makes him a good advocate for strong borders, but makes a bad President.

Ron Paul- a congressman from Texas who calls himself a strict constitutionalist. The problem with Paul is that many Americans do not agree with Paul's definition of the Constitution. Ron Paul is not a Republican. Since he cannot get elected as a Libertarian, he has chosen to use the Republican party's money and clout to continue to run for office. The reason he gets away with this in the eyes of Republicans is because he for less government intrusion and low taxes.

Duncan Hunter- Not enough people have any idea who Hunter is. A good man with no name recognition. It is too bad.

John Cox- Who?

The great thing about this Iowa Straw Poll is that it narrows the field and helps focus the attention on candidates who have a chance.

Anyone who has watched a debate, whether Republican or Democrat, realizes that these debates have very little focus. There are too many candidates.

It is time for a few of these folks to ride off into the sunset and set their sights on 2012.

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