Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's called "victory"

Just in case some folks do not recognize it, it is called "Victory"!

Certainly Senator John Warner does not recognize it, but there are still a few Americans out their that believe in victory in Iraq.

A few people have made the claim that I was too harsh on Senator Warner. There are a ton of liberals rushing to Senator Warner's side right now talking about his war service in WWII and so on.

Well, let me be honest- I have not begun to be harsh on Senator Warner or his comments on bringing troops home before the job is complete.

This behavior from Senator Warner is unacceptable. This behavior is even more unacceptable coming from Republican senator who voted for this war. There was a time that the Senator actually supported victory in Iraq, now I guess he has lost his patience.

This decorated war hero has lost his will to win and embraced defeat in Iraq. That is also unacceptable behavior.

Especially now that things seem to be moving in a positive direction.

Yes, there have been many mistakes made by President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. However the mission is still the same. Eradicate the terrorists in the Middle East. Yes folks, this war affects everything taking place in the Middle East, not just Iraq.

Just as there have been mistakes there have also been some positives. Just yesterday, I read an article by the AP showing that some areas of Iraq are going so well, we may be able to start bring troops home soon. (The article sounds strangely familiar and embraces President Bush's policy of "as the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down." But, I digress.)

Often lost in the Washington talk about troop cuts is the fact that security conditions in Iraq vary widely by region and that some less contested areas may be ready for the transition to control by Iraqi security early next year.

The difference between the general's call to start sending troops home and the Senator's call for sending troops home is very simple.

Our generals and the President want to bring our troops home victoriously, after stabilizing a certain portions of Iraq.

Senator Warner wants to punish the Iraqi government and bring our troops home in defeat.

Now, I have already heard the arguments from so-called "conservatives" stating that "I did not leave the President on Iraq, President Bush left me". I have also heard "there were no terrorists in Iraq before we invaded".(well, there are terrorists now and they are watching our every move, waiting for us to run , just like we did in Vietnam)

None of these excuses are good enough anymore.

Victory in Iraq is the only option.

This has nothing to do with whether or not a person supports the President or whether or not they supported the war.

It has everything to do with whether or not a person supports victory in Iraq.

If we fail in Iraq or if we leave too early, the Middle East will once again become a haven for the terrorists.

You want to talk about a "go it alone policy", just see what happens if we bail out of Iraq without achieving a stable Iraq that will fight terrorism.

Think about what the future would be like. No country would ever want to be our ally again. Why would they when all the Americans do is cut and run when things get tough.

I will continue to criticize Senator Warner as long as he continues to embrace a policy that accepts failure as an option in Iraq.

My criticism of Senator Warner has nothing to do with his war record or whether or not he supports President Bush. I could care less about any of that.

Until Senator Warner supports bringing our troops home victoriously, instead of bringing them home to punish the Iraqis, then I will continue to criticize.

Our country and our troops deserve better than Senator Warner's defeatist policies.

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