Saturday, August 25, 2007

Edwards attacking Clinton

John Edwards has thrown down the gauntlet to the Clinton campaign. He has gone on the attack.

The former North Carolina senator didn't mention Clinton by name, but he left no doubt he was condemning Clinton-era politics when he said the Lincoln Bedroom should not be "for rent" and cautioned that "nostalgia" was no reason to elect someone president.

I am still trying to figure out if this the "hail Mary" throw from the Edwards campaign. It appears that Edwards is already flinging whatever he can out there to stop the Clinton machine.

Instead of showing any kind of leadership by attracting people with a positive message, he has gone on the attack against Clinton.

The problem is that the Edwards message is not resonating with the people, so he has gone on the attack. People just do not buy into the fact that this rich Washington politician actually gives a rip about the little people. This is the same man who just recently was exposed as invested millions upon millions of dollars in sub prime lending groups that are foreclosing people's homes. He was also getting paid by these same lending groups.

This rich politician is having a real hard time hiding his riches and his hypocrisy from the people.

We may actually being seeing the beginning of the end for John Edwards' presidential aspirations.

I could not be more thrilled by watching the Democrats tear each other apart. Carry on.

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