Monday, May 21, 2007

WTMJ has some explaining to do

I am not buying WTMJ's excuses for the firings of Jessica McBride.

Station manager Jon Schweitzer said WTMJ executives already were planning to cancel McBride's program when her Tuesday night show included what Schweitzer termed the "inappropriate" use of Owens in criticizing Milwaukee Journal Sentinel liberal columnist Eugene Kane. McBride, a conservative and a journalism instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, had worked part-time at the station for more than one year. Her show ran mostly on weeknights after sportscasts.

Clearly, WTMJ was only interested in changing their format and used Tuesday night's incident as an excuse to do this.

I have now have reason whatsoever to listen to WTMJ. I would live to listen to Charlie Sykes. However, I am 90 miles away when Charlie's show airs. My tiny little radio, sitting on my desk, does not pick up WTMJ.

Now they are moving to all sports at night and then picked up Dennis Miller to compliment the Brewers?????

I still have no idea what was said that WTMJ deemed as inappropriate.

WTMJ just lost a regular listener.

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jeff said...

It was using the shooting death of a 4 year old girl as the base story of a parody interviewing Eugene Kane who didnt want to appear on her show so she used the sound effect of a chicken to take his place that cost Jessica her job.