Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eugene Kane- McGee's enabler

Over a year ago, red flags were going up all over town.

People knew it. Michael McGee Jr. was trouble.

We knew over a year ago, Michael McGee Jr. had already been arrested twice.

We knew over a year ago, that McGee had two names, two driver’s licenses, two social security numbers and two passports.

We also knew over a year ago that McGee was threatening physical violence against a pregnant women and many others.

We knew over a year, that Michael McGee Jr. had committed perjury when testifying in court.

We knew over a year ago, that Michael McGee Jr. was a serious threat to his community.

Even though all of the warning signs were there, many in Milwaukee’s black community still vigorously defended Michael McGee Jr.

What do these leaders have to say now that they know that McGee Jr. has been federally charged with extortion and bribery. McGee Jr. has also

Now it is time to start holding the leadership in our communities responsible for not protecting the people in Michael McGee’s district.

Near the top of the list is those leaders that should be held responsible is Eugene Kane.

Kane is a writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the largest and most read newspaper in the state of Wisconsin. As a writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Eugene Kane has the largest audience in the state.

Kane has the perfect platform in which to move the black community forward in a positive direction. Instead of using this perfect platform as a positive leader in Milwaukee’s community, Eugene Kane further enabled Michael McGee’s criminal behavior against Milwaukee’s sixth district residents.

Even though Eugene Kane knew perfectly well what criminal behavior McGee Jr. was displaying a year ago, Kane continued push how wonderful the Michael McGee Jr. was.

Almost exactly a year ago, Eugene Kane smugly defended Michael McGee Jr. This is what Kane had to say about McGee Jr. on May 27, 2006-

The reason McGee - with all his flaws - is necessary in this city is that he is the embodiment of representative government. He stands for a group of angry young black people everybody else ignores. These are young African-Americans who have chosen to participate in the system partly because of his presence.

Even knowing that McGee Jr. was an admitted criminal a year ago, Kane actually defends McGee’s continued criminal behavior. Kane even went so far as to call McGee “the embodiment of representative government”.

Articles like the one Kane wrote a year ago in support of McGee Jr. actually further victimized the people of McGee’s district.

It now appears that many business owners and residents may have been forced to tolerate another year’s worth of extortion and threats. Whether Eugene Kane wants to admit it or not, he became Michael McGee’s enabler.

Let me be clear, I am not saying that Eugene Kane is responsible for Michael McGee’s crimes. He is not. McGee is responsible.

The people of the sixth district in Milwaukee deserve good government. They deserve an honest government. They deserve a government that works for them.

Even though no one blames Kane for McGee’s crimes, we do expect Eugene Kane not to blindly defend a person who showed signs of serious criminal behavior a year ago.

Today, Eugene Kane says-

As for the voters in the 6th District who were called dupes and worse for their decision to keep McGee in office, this latest development represents either an extreme betrayal of trust by the alderman or yet another unwanted episode in his calamitous career that must be endured. In any case, they deserved better in return for their loyalty to McGee and will likely learn from the experience.

All I could think about when I read these words is that the handwriting was on the wall over a year ago, well before the recall election, and still Eugene Kane defended McGee.

Kane could have used his column to help the sixth district community rid themselves of the criminal they have for an alderman a year ago.

Once again- Eugene Kane has the power of being a columnist for the largest newspaper in the state of Wisconsin. It is time for Mr. Kane to lead the community in a positive direction instead of blindly following a leader in the wrong direction.

Don't follow Mr. Kane, LEAD.

By the way, I loved the following paragragh from Kane's article in today's paper. I wonder if Eugene Kane was exclaiming "innocent until proven guilty" when writing about the Jude case.

Also troubling is how many folks are willing to throw "innocent until proven guilty" out the window simply because McGee is a public figure they never liked and always wanted to see meet a bad end.

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