Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's WMC's fault?

One of Doyle's new lackies, Department of Revenue Secretary Roger Ervin, is blaming Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce for the tax problems in Wisconsin.

from MJS-

Ervin was critical of the leaders of WMC for repeatedly saying that Wisconsin ranks among the high-taxed states nationally and that Doyle's proposed budget would worsen its ranking because it includes $1.7 billion in tax and fee increases.

"We need to have WMC in here as a positive partner that's willing to have a public debate about the economy in a very rational and mature way . . . ," Ervin said.

He said Wisconsin ranks in the middle of all states in taxation when factors such as low fees and relatively low college tuition are considered.

WMC's hammering on the message of how high taxes are in Wisconsin hurts his ability to get businesses to locate or expand here, Ervin said.

What does Ervin think? People won't notice the high taxes in Wisconsin if WMC would just stop talking about it?

Really- this notion is ridiculous!

People notice that they are paying high taxes because they are the ones paying the high taxes. Duh!

Jim Doyle and his lackies can continue to spin and spin. The fact of the matter is that Wisconsinites pay way too much in taxes!

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