Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More tax increases

We know the day was coming and here we are.

The tax increases are here.

I know many of them made promise after promise that if you voted for them during this last election, they would not increase your taxes.

Just a few short months ago, when running for re-election, Governor Doyle stated, “…we should not, we must not and I will not raise taxes."

One look at Governor Doyle’s budget and we can clearly see that the taxpayers have been royally slammed!

Tax and fee increases totaling $2.9 BILLION have been proposed by Governor Doyle.

Here is a small list of Governor Doyle’s tax and fee increase proposals-

If you own a home, you will pay higher property taxes.

If you sell your home, your transfer fee will be doubled from $498 to $996.

If you own a car, your vehicle registration will go from $55 a year to $75 a year.

If you live in a nursing home, your bed taxes will go up by at least $312 in 2007-2008 and go up again in 2008-2009 by $600 per year.

If you get sick and end up in the hospital, your taxes will increase by over $300 for a hospital stay.

If you get married, give birth or you die, your fees will increase for marriage, birth and death certificates.

Even as high as gas prices are today, if you drive a car, your taxes will go even higher.

Estimates are that the price per gallon will go up another $.07.

Do you like downloading music and videos from the Internet onto your I-Pod? Well, the governor plans to tax you for this, also.

As I said, this is only a small portion of the tax and fee increases proposed by Governor Doyle. They are just too numerous to list here.

So how do the rest of the Democrats in the state feel about Governor Doyle’s tax increases?

Well, one of the Senate Democrats realized that the governor forgot one tax, so he decided to write a bill to fix the problem.

Senate Democrats are proposing a tax increase on beer!

What do Representative Kreuser and Senator Wirch think of Governor Doyle’s tax and fee increase proposals?

Representative Kreuser is ferociously defending the increased taxes on Wisconsinites. In fact, he appears to be mad at Republicans for making such a big deal over the $2.9 Billion in tax.

Clearly, Kreuser is firmly backing Governor Doyle’s taxes

Senator Wirch is so supportive of the governor’s tax increases he actually called Governor Doyle’s budget “visionary”!

Visionary? I do not think so.

It takes absolutely no vision whatsoever to increase taxes and fees on ordinary Wisconsinites.

A real visionary would have come up with creative ways to cut excessive government spending.

A real visionary would have figured out a way of balancing a budget without raising taxes.

Real visionaries do not make promises to taxpayers and then break those promises as soon as they are elected.

Instead of being visionary, the Democrats and the governor have taken the easy way out and raised taxes and fees on already overtaxed Wisconsinites.

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