Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flip flop???

I am not sure if you can even call this a flip flop, still the Democrats are confusing the country.

Yesterday, the Senate decisively defeated Feingold/Reid’s demands to cut off funds for troops in Iraq.

There is an incredible amount of spin taking place right now.

I really thought this statement that I read in the Washington Times was weird-

Sen. James H. Webb Jr., a Virginia Democrat who voted against the amendment, said a majority of lawmakers oppose the war, but cutting off funds and pulling out troops undercuts the Bush administration's diplomatic efforts.

I thought this is exactly what the Democrats are trying to do. The sole purpose for the entire Iraq war debate for the Democrats was to undercut Bush’s diplomatic efforts in Iraq.

Harry Reid has gone so far as to say that Americans have lost in Iraq and they should come home now.

If this statement does not undercut the Bush’s Iraq war effort, what does?

This appears to me that the Democrats want to lose the war in Iraq, but they do not want to be blamed for losing the war in Iraq.

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