Monday, May 14, 2007

Just embarrassing

Am I the only conservative that is embarrassed by Tommy Thompson continuous excuses on his statements about gays in the workplace?

The latest is that he had to go to the bathroom.

Tommy Thompson cited a dead hearing aid and an urgent need to use the bathroom in explaining on Saturday why he said at a GOP presidential debate that an employer should be allowed to fire a gay worker.

In Thompson's defense- he was also quite ill.

However, the excuses need to end.

By the way, I missed most of Thompson speech at the convention this past week. I had to go to the bathroom.


Peter said...

So the Hershey squirts are now an excuse for anything?

jeff said...

Did anyone even take him as a serious candidate even before he opened his mouth?

condiforprez said...

I had already written Tommy off. His performance at the convention was embarrassing. As a Wisconsinite I'm embarrassed he was our governor. He's a senile crazy nut. Anybody that supports him for prez should be looked at. (And sadly that includes Scott Walker, whom I absolutely love.)

condiforprez said...

Can we now start calling them the Screamin' Tommies instead of Screamin' Mimis?