Saturday, May 05, 2007

McGee Sr. Suspended indefinitely

There have been so many folks who have worked hard over the last few days to bring attention the McGee Sr's outrageous behavior.

Here are some of the links so you can get caught up-

Marquette Warrior McAdams has the latest on the McGee suspension.

Patrick at Badger Blogger has the latest on everything posted at these links-

Michael McGee Sr is a horrible vile person
Michael McGee Sr and his despicable comments

Patrick at Badger Blogger has some race baiters commenting and trolling on his site. Just ignore these folks- do not even comment about them.

Pete at Pete Republic. org is keeping up with the national coverage this is receiving.

Casper at Ask Me Later is also keeping up with the national coverage.

Fred at Real Debate Wisconsin has done his part.

I know the McGee Sr. has been suspended indefinitely, but continue to contact the FCC and the radio station. The word "indefinitely" has got me a little nervous. That means that their is still a chance that for McGee to be back on the air, after this dies down. Make sure your voice is heard and continue to fight the good fight.

Peter at Texas Hold Em blog is monitoring the situation.

There are more- I will back later to update


Peter said...

I'm predicting that after two weeks, Junior McGee will have Senior McGee back on the show as a "guest" or have him in the studio and it will be business as usual.

All Jerrel Jones is waiting for is the blogswarm to die down.

jeff said...

I am disappointed that the station owner is allowing his son to take his place on the show. Things went from bad to worse.