Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Life of the Party

Originally, I had hoped to live blog some of the convention.

However, I was a little busy.

I was thrilled to find this great picture of the "Symbol of the GOP"

His name is Dutch.

Currently, Dutch lives at the home of First District Vice Chair, Bob Geason.

Dutch and Bob travel from event to event and party to party. Both are real party animals.

Along with the rest of us, Dutch proudly displayed his "no tax increases" and "no fee increases" stickers.

As I worked in the registration area, I was thrilled to be able to take photograghs of Dutch and other party members.

There was a slight bit of concern that Dutch may have been abducted and moved to an "undisclosed" location.

Actually, Dutch just need a little help up the stairs so he could join Congressman Paul Ryan's hospitality suite. Dutch heard that thetr were Jelly Belly beans, Nestle's chocolates, and beer being served at Congressman Ryan's suite, and he insisted on going.

Now Dutch has returned to the safety and security of Bob's garage.

Now Dutch and Bob are waiting for next party. Both are willing to travel.

A great big hat tip and thank you to WisPolitics for joining the party this weekend and posting these great photos!


jeff said...

I'm glad Dutch is safe, and that he wasnt turned into ICE by Senator Brownback as a possible illegal immigrant or, worse yet, as a elephant interested in a same sex marriage.

Todd Lohenry said...

Good to see you at the state convention, Kathy! Keep the faith...

Kate said...

I'm really disappointed I didn't get to see y'all this year. :( Maybe the NFRW one in CA? :)

K. Carpenter said...

It wasn't the same without you Kate.

Meeting in CA is a great idea.