Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Threat of terrorism

There is an interesting article by Tony Blakely today. In this article he talks of the war on terror and the road forward.

Let us, at least, now be resolved to not permit any candidate for president -- Republican or Democrat -- get away with merely criticizing past decisions and policies or offering simplistic slogans on the War on Terror (or whatever other term people prefer for the global jihad threat to the West). Let's insist that they each discuss in depth their understanding of the threat and their considered and detailed strategy for protecting us in the future.

Whenever any Democrat is asked a question about terrorism, they immediately launch into a tyrade about George Bush and Iraq. That is just not good enough any more.

Because the media is so quick to latch on to any Bush bashing they can- the candidates never really answer the question.

Even when questioned about Iran, every candidate is willing to spout the standard generic answer calling for "diplomacy".

Diplomacy brought us 9/11. Diplomacy was the number one priority. The safety of Americans was not at the top of the list.

When it comes to the safety of Americans, there should be no diplomacy. Caving in to terrorist nations should not be the top priority.

I am not advocating war. Far from it.

I am advocating a tough stance. The safety of Americans should be the top priority. When the safety of Americans is assured, then there can be diplomacy.

No more 9/11! The safety of Americans needs to be the top priority, not diplomacy!!!

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