Sunday, April 05, 2009

"Yes, we can" turns to "No, we cannot"

Once again, America's backside is hanging out there all alone and our so-called "allies" will do nothing to cover it.

For years, Americans blamed Bush for our lack of international support in any venture. Hopefully Americans will slowly come to the realization that President Bush was not necessarily the problem when it came to the world community.

The protests that so many said were against George Bush, are continuing with President Obama in charge. They are just as violent as ever.

Sure, there are still plenty of world leaders that want their pictures taken with President Obama, but as far as going beyond that, few countries are showing any real support. The world leaders has their pictures taken with President Bush also.

Certainly a couple of countries have promised a few dozen soldiers here and there for training purposes. Even though President Obama thinks that the Afghan war is a justifiably war, the world does not think this to be true. The world also sent a few troops to fight in Iraq also.

I support President Obama's idea of sending more troops into Afghanistan to try and root out the thugs that threaten our freedom, just like I supported President Bush in Iraq. Clearly, after what has happened in the last several days, President Obama will be "going it alone" when it comes to Afghanistan.

A few countries have promised some money, but only a trillion dollars has been promised worldwide. As a nation, we have already dumped a trillion dollars into the markets and we are still in trouble. We are fooling ourselves if we think another trillion dollars will correct all of the problems WORLDWIDE.

Our problem was not President Bush, as we can clearly see now. I do not blame President Obama for the world hating us, even though the lefties blamed President Bush.

The world hates our freedom. With freedom comes responsibility. It is the personal responsibilities that these people do not like. Too many people in the world are willing to hand over their responsibilities, by extension their freedom, to their governments.

Changing the name in the Oval Office has not really changed the world's opinion of us. For some reason, the liberals believed that this was an important priority during the last election.

The question is whether or not President Obama will coware in fear to those that hate us. Will President Obama go along to get along?

Will President Obama take away our freedom to protect us from our responsibilities?

So far, it appears that President Obama has no problem taking our freedoms and our responsibilities. He seems to be willing to cave to world opinion about him. That is sad.

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