Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Only denied 4 times

Folks are beginning to worry how many times the voters of Salem will turn down the school referendum. It was denied again for the fourth time yesterday. It was denied for the third time back in February.

This time it was not only a no vote, but an emphatic no vote.

April Special election
62.75% no
37.25% yes

Feb election
51.48% no
48.52% yes

As you can see, the school board is not making progress. In fact their support is moving backwards. Perhaps the voters are just starting to get mad. I do not know if I have seen it before, but it is very rare for special elections to bring out more voters than a primary election, but that happened this time. 2003 people voted yesterday, 1348 people voted in Feb.

Should we start taking bets?

8 chances before it passes
10 chances before it passes

What is your guess?

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